Week 4: Youtube Pickleball Blog

Week 4: Youtube Pickleball Blog

Welcome back, pickleball pals, to another week of Keep Playing Pickleball! We're lobbing in the latest and greatest pickleball vids to keep your paddle game sharp and your dinking skills on point. This week, we've got tips on how to smash your way past those pesky bangers, the latest pickleball drama (IYKYK), and a reel of the most, well, bizarre moments on the pro circuit. So grab your paddle, settle in, and get ready to pickleball like a pro! SEE LINKS AT BOTTOM of page. 

Master the Banger Block: Feeling overwhelmed by aggressive players? Why 90% of Pickleball Players Can't Beat Bangers (Hard-Hitting Players) by Enhance Pickleball teaches volleys, footwork, and counterattack strategies to turn the tables. (Views: 132,954)

Pickleball Drama Alert! : The pickleball community is buzzing about entrepreneur Rodney Grubbs facing accusations of scamming players. Pickleball Players Say They Were Scammed by Entrepreneur by Inside Edition dives into the allegations and potential impact on the sport. (Views: 119,411)

Bizarre Pickleball Bloopers! : From paddle-snapping rallies to court-storming streakers, The Most BIZARRE Moments in Professional Pickleball by BestofPickleball will have you laughing out loud. Witness the lighter side of the pros in this hilarious compilation. (Views: 52,436)

Top 10 Tournament Magic! : Witness the awe-inspiring skills of pickleball pros in UNREAL TOP 10 PICKLEBALL POINTS OF THE TOURNAMENT - Desert Ridge Open 2024 by Pickleballerz. This top 10 reel from the Desert Ridge Open showcases incredible rallies that will leave you speechless. (Views: 32,800)

That's it for this week, pickleballers! Keep practicing, keep playing, and remember:

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And hey, did you know the average pickleball court is 20 feet wide and 44 feet long? That's a lot of ground to cover, so keep hustlin'!

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