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Pickle-Dart (Pack of 3)

Pickle-Dart (Pack of 3)

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Tired of juggling pickleballs like a circus clown juggling bowling balls? Introducing the Pickle-Dart, the game-changer that'll make you the envy of the court (and maybe slightly feared).

Say goodbye to:

    • Scattered spheres: Our innovative, dart-shaped design lets you slide balls on and off with the smoothest moves this side of a greased watermelon. No more scrambling like a dog chasing a rogue tennis ball.
    • Bulky bags: Clip the Pickle-Dart to your bag, fence, or even the net with its handy clip. It's like having a personal ball butler, minus the judgmental stares.
    • Lost balls: Misplacing your pickleball is as fun as stepping on a rogue Lego. The Pickle-Dart's design and uniqueness will make them stand out like a unicorn in a stable of horses. 

But wait, there's more!

  • Comes in a Pack of 3: Share the Pickle-Dart love with your doubles partner or keep them all for yourself. We won't judge (much).

Compatible with the following Pickle-Balls

Best: Franklin-X, Selkirk Pro S1, Durafast 40

Works with: Penn 40, Onix Pure 2

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